The bathroom serves the daily utility needs. But it is also the place where your visitors will have a special look.

We have a huge variety of all Bathroom Items. You will find in us a very wide range of Sanitary Ware - Washbasins - Basins - Cisterns - Urinals, Bathtubs, Hot Tubs & Shower Tubs, Showers, Cabinets, Hot Tubs, Bathroom Accessories, Stainless Steel Sinks, Stainless Steel Sinks, Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel .
Come and help us get a place of rejuvenation and wellness that you have not even dreamed of. You will be pleasantly surprised both by the variety and the aesthetics of our products as well as by our prices.

The company SIAGRIS IN SA was founded in 1976, initially as a general company of Sanitary Ware and was active in the field of sanitary ware accessories - batteries - bathroom furniture - porcelain and related plumbing items. Over the years the company became an SA and expanded its activities to other types.

Today SIAGRIS IN SA. has relocated from the old facilities of 2,500 sqm from Zouno Aspropyrgos to its new facilities in Kyrillos Aspropyrgos with an area of 5,500 sqm and aims to expand its already wide range of Sanitary Ware products in order to best meet the requirements of its customers. From the first moment, it managed to stand out in the field of Sanitary Ware throughout Greece, thanks to the wide range of sanitary ware products and the impeccable services it offered.

The central offices of the administration have also been transferred to a privately owned building in Agios Anargyros with an area of 1300 sq.m.

The company has now established itself in Greece as a company characterized by variety, aesthetics and creativity. With long experience in this field and deep knowledge of the market, with a strong infrastructure in human resources, staffed by 38 people, systems of the latest technology and material equipment is the best choice of commercial cooperation for both Greek and foreign companies.

We represent the Chinese industry of porcelain, basins, showers, cabins, whirlpool columns "Tangshan Huida Ceramic Group Co."

Making imports of sanitary ware, faucets, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories, shower cabins and tiles from abroad enables a flawless aesthetic result in the bathroom and kitchen. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to create an affordable luxury in the bathroom space through the rich range of impressive items.

Targeting quality

The goal for the company SIAGRIS IN SA is the impeccable service of its customers by providing high quality products at the most competitive prices. For this reason, it constantly and consistently monitors the market trends, evolving its offer in order to meet the requirements of its customers.

SIAGRIS IN SA offers responsible and immediate service to every professional. At the same time it monitors technological developments and is able to offer a high level of technical support to its customers.

Based on this philosophy, the company SIAGRIS IN SA continues to be the guaranteed solution and the stable partner for each of its customers.

At the same time, it has the ability to work with specific categories of customers (construction companies) having the flexibility of adapting it to specialized collaborations and providing special product packages.

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