Gas & Bagno with many years of experience in the field of heating, and not only, undertakes all the necessary procedures for the installation of natural gas, both for individual apartments and for the central heating of an apartment building or shops.

Our company has experienced mechanical engineers and licensed gas installers who take care of the completion of the gas installation, providing solutions to issues such as: HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING, COOKING and HOT WATER.

Specialized partners, upon your request, visit your space without financial burden and examine your needs responsibly.

In summary, the following steps are:

  • Delivery of a written detailed financial offer with the possibility of choosing a boiler through the best and most reliable companies that we have - we cooperate.
  • Signing a project contract and requesting connection with the Gas Distribution Company for the installation of the meter.
  • Completion and submission of a study by a licensed mechanical engineer.
  • Construction of internal gas installation and adjustment of devices.
  • Construction of internal heating installation, if it does not already exist, or connection of the wall unit with the existing installation as well as realization of all the necessary hydraulic connections.
  • Issuance of certificates.
  • Activation by E.D.A Attica.
  • Boiler ignition by a certified and licensed burner.

Gas & Bagno and its specialized partners take care of the safety of the installation as well as all the works are carried out in accordance with the "Regulation of Internal Gas Installations with operating pressure up to 500 mbar." (Government Gazette 976, issue DB, 28/3/2012).

Our company is by your side even after the delivery of the project, providing you with the necessary "service" at reasonable prices.

In us you will find materials and equipment through the rich range of partner companies, such as:

Vaillant, Ariston, Ferroli, Roc etc., which meet all the specifications of the European Union according to CE for gas installations.